About Us

Infrared heating is the present and the future

Warmteshop has existed since 2006 and can call itself market leader without difficulty in this sector. We supply and install high-quality infrared heating systems from well-known European manufacturers. This both to the private market but also to companies, industry and project developers.

For a number of our producers, we provide the exclusive distribution in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. In addition to the standard products, we can also provide tailor-made solutions that are tailored to your project. All our infrared heating systems are equipped with advanced controls or a smart thermostat.

Our thermostats are easy to operate and even often operate via the smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the timeless design of our infrared panels, you can apply these in a modern as well as a classic interior. With an almost limitless number of possibilities in terms of design and color, there is always an infrared panel that matches your needs.

Qualitative infrared heating

Warmteshop only supplies high-quality infrared panels with a proven track record and a solid European guarantee. Our systems are all equipped with all the necessary European inspections for quality, safety and durability.

We emphasize that our company is not competitive with the lowest price, but with the highest product satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the superior quality and proven durability of our products. We have a high customer satisfaction and offer a perfect service.

Cheap infrared heating is cheap for a reason, our infrared heating is not the cheapest on the market. But it scores very high in sustainability, and that also has its reason. Our systems are fully produced in Germany, the components used are of high quality and that increases durability.

Our references are happy to tell you why they chose the Warmteshop as a partner, they were looking for a sustainable product of good quality. A guarantee that Warmteshop can deliver with pride.

Advice and experience

Thanks to our years of experience in the infrared heating market, we are able to give you expert advice on the technical possibilities for your home or your project. With expertise in both the private and the project development sector our specialists advise you expertly in the calculation and technical application of our infrared heating.